The Story of Henry Ford: A Biography Book for New Readers

Rockridge Press, 2022

Discover the life of Henry Ford—a story about putting the world on wheels for kids ages 6 to 9

Henry Ford was the founder of Ford Motor Company and the inventor of the Model T, the car that changed the way many Americans lived. Before he became a pioneer in the auto industry, Henry was a young boy who loved to take things apart and figure out how they worked. When he grew up, he invented creative new ways to assemble cars and made them more affordable for the first time. This Henry Ford biography for kids explores how he went from being a curious child to a successful businessman and inventor.

  • Core curriculum—Kids will learn the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of Henry’s life, and take a quick quiz to test their knowledge.
  • Short chapters—This standout among biographies for kids is broken down into brief chapters that make it fun and easy for new readers to discover details about Henry Ford.
  • Colorful illustrations—Bring Henry’s story to life with vibrant illustrations that keep kids engaged and excited to keep reading.

How will Henry Ford’s hard work and innovative spirit inspire the child in your life?