The Story of Babe Ruth: A Biography Book For New Readers

Rockridge Press, 2021

Discover the life of Babe Ruth―a story about making it to the top for kids ages 6 to 9

George Herman Ruth Jr., more commonly known as Babe Ruth, was one of the greatest American baseball players of all time. Before he was a sports hero, Babe was a poor kid who loved playing baseball but often got into trouble. His life changed when he went away to boarding school and he was discovered by the minor leagues. The rest is history! Help kids explore how Babe went from being a young boy growing up in Baltimore to a record-breaking baseball player and sports hero.

This Babe Ruth book includes:

  • Core curriculum―Kids will learn the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of Babe’s life, and take a quick quiz to test their knowledge.
  • His lasting impact―Young readers will find out how Babe Ruth changed the game of baseball for future generations―and became more than just a great baseball player.
  • Helpful definitions―An easy-to-read glossary provides definitions for some of the more advanced words and ideas in the book, so kids can add to their vocabulary and follow along.

How will Babe’s determination inspire the child in your life?

“Jenna Grodzicki’s book is the best children’s biography yet on Babe Ruth. It’s highly informative, and the content is delivered in a very thoughtful and engaging way. We highly recommend this book to parents who are interested in educating their kids on one of America’s greatest icons.” —Brent Stevens (great-grandson of Babe Ruth) and Stu Dressler, managing partners of