Wild Style: Amazing Animal Adornments

Millbrook Press, September 2020

What do a crab waving pom-poms, a bug with a backpack of dead ants, and a mud-spattered vulture have in common? They all have wild style! Meet animals including crabs in sponge hats, caddisfly larvae wearing suits of armor, lacewing larvae dressing up with jewelry to hide themselves from ladybug predators in this fun and fascinating photo book!

Harmony Humbolt: Perfect Pets Queen

Clear Fork Publishing, 2021

Follow Harmony, a girl who learns that her special Perfect Pets collection is even more special when it’s shared with friends.

I See Sea Food: Sea Creatures that Look Like Food

Millbrook Press, October 1st, 2019

Meet some of the wackiest creatures under the sea―creatures that look like food―through eye-catching photos and engaging text. This funny, informative book introduces readers to the egg yolk jellyfish, the lettuce sea slug, the chocolate chip sea star, and many more! Accessible text and engaging photos make this a very fun read.

“An appetizing addition to the nature shelf.” – Kirkus Reviews

“[S]ure to be a hit with young audiences, whether shared during storytime or read (and reread) by deep-sea enthusiasts.”—starred, Booklist

Finn Finds a Friend

Clear Fork Publishing, 2017

Finn is not your typical lemon shark. He likes to frolic and have fun in the water. But his brothers’ and sisters’ idea of fun is lying completely still on the ocean floor – BORING! While out searching for new friends, Finn encounters a sea turtle who hides in a rock cave. Clearly, he must want to play hide and seek. Then he comes across some humans who scream, “SHARK!!!” when he approaches. Obviously, they must be excited to see him. Will Finn ever find a friend who can see beyond his sharky appearance?


Included on SCBWI’s 2017 Recommended Reading List




Download Finn Coloring Pages

“Everyone needs a friend and Finn is no exception. He might be a yellow shark who’s supposed to lie still on the ocean floor, but boredom isn’t an option for this little fella. Finn’s adventurous spirit longs for excitement and it propels him into a search for friends. But Finn’s intentions are greatly misunderstood. Will he ever find a friend? Kids will easily relate to Finn’s struggles as they follow his journey to finding playmates.” –Rosie J. Pova, Children’s Author

Pixie’s Adventure

eTreasures Publishing, 2017

Pixie’s Adventure was awarded two Honorable Mentions in the 2017 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards

Pixie is a curious cat who longs to explore the world outside. One day, her wish comes true, and Pixie begins an unexpected adventure. The outside is better than she ever imagined! But when rumbling thunder and cold rain arrive, her perfect day turns into a nightmare. Will Pixie ever find her way home?

Pixie’s Adventure is about a beautifully illustrated cat who goes on a curious journey by accident. She learns quickly that curiosity is best left at home with the one’s she loves. A puuuuurfect read.”

– Maria Ashworth, author of Iggy Loo

“This is a sweet story with adorable illustrations. Young readers will love Pixie!”

– Tonya Calvert, author of Saylor on the Seashore

“This picture book makes quiet reading time with kids/grandkids a wonderful time spent together.. The illustrations are cute and Pixie’s experience keeps the reader’s attention. Enjoy this lovely story with your family! We loved it!”

– Andrea Page, author of Sioux Code Talkers of World War II

A Hug For the World

Clear Fork Publishing, 2018

Join Clear Fork Publishing’s talented authors and illustrators as they celebrate a worldwide HUG in our new Anthology. All proceeds for the book will be for victims of Hurricane Harvey as we are a Texas Based Publisher and many of our authors and illustrators live in the Houston area. Me and My Special Guys is a short story contributed by Jenna Grodzicki, focusing on the themes of love and acceptance.