KidLit Coffee Talk AND Giveaway with Julie Pepper

Welcome to another edition of KidLit Coffee Talk. Today, I’m excited to welcome debut author Julie Pepper. Julie and I first met through the amazing Clear Fork Publishing, our mutual publishing house. She was kind enough to sit down for a cup of coffee with me and chat about her new picture book, It’s Time! It’s Time! is a perfect back to school book, as it takes the reader through the main character’s experiences on the first day of school. It was released on August 8th and was illustrated by Anne Steele.


This morning, I’m drinking a hot cup of Ocean City Coffee Company’s Pirate’s Blend. I brought a bag of this coffee home from our vacation last month to Ocean City, New Jersey. Julie, what kind of coffee are you drinking this morning?

I live in Davis, California, the bike capital of America. So, naturally I get my coffee delivered to me by bike! Not only that, the little local company, The Pepper Peddler, also uses bike power to roast the coffee beans. They use fair trade organic beans, and I love their light roast. I am also rather fond of their name 🙂


Wow, a coffee delivery company? That is so cool! Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your writing journey?

I’m a mom of three fun little humans aged 7 and 4 ½ (times two). I have also been teaching for 11 years, mainly in 5th grade.

I’ve written ever since I could (almost) write. I believe my first original story was The Mean Meat and the Mean Met. I must have written that around the end of 1st grade. Meat was a boy and Met was a girl. I’m not sure why they were mean. I’m also unsure why I chose those names, but I find them pretty funny. Now that I’m thinking of it, I need to ask my mom, since I believe she kept that gem of a tale. Beyond that stunning debut, I wrote many short stories and poetry growing up. I remember hiding in my closet in Jr. High, and writing what I thought would be a spectacular novel. I had just finished Wuthering Heights and I wanted to write words that would elicit emotions like I felt while reading Emily Bronte’s work. Would love to find that in a box of memories one day!

My current writing journey began after my teacher-friend, Joanna Rowland, became a published author. We were in our teaching cohort together years ago, and I was super impressed with her drive when she came out with her first book, Always Mom, Forever Dad. A couple years later, when she posted on Facebook about her deal with Clear Fork Publishing, I really started to think that this is something I should start pursuing. I’m so happy I did! Thanks, Joanna for inspiring me 🙂


So many kidlit authors are, or were at one time, teachers. I think that gives us a unique perspective into the world of picture books. Tell me about It’s Time!

It’s Time! is a simple and sweet story that follows a little boy from the moment he wakes up, until he steps foot into his new class on the first day of school. Maybe I should rephrase that. The reader doesn’t actually follow the boy–he is never seen. The illustrations are what he sees as he prepares for his day. It’s a minimal word picture book, and the story is told through the images. Anne Steele is the illustrator of the book, and her color choice is amazing. Anne and I grew up together in Amador County, so that was a pretty neat aspect of this project. My son inspired this one, as he started preschool last year, and he really enjoyed the new world that opened up to him.


What else are you working on?

First off, I’m excited that there will be more It’s Time stories. We haven’t decided which one will come next, or when, but there is so much we can do with the concept. It’s Time to Go Potty, It’s Time for Bed, etc. My hope is that kids will not only enjoy the story and the pictures of It’s Time, but that they can also be used to help with daily routines, or to reduce fears of the unknown (It’s Time to Go to the Doctor, to the Dentist, etc.).


I love that! These are all concepts that kids can easily relate to. What’s one picture book you loved when you were little and a more current one you love now?

When I was little, I remember having a bunch of Little Golden Books. My favorite was Scuffy the Tugboat. The cover is embedded in my mind. Loved that little tugboat as a kid. Not sure how I feel about the theme of the story as an adult, but that would need to be an entire blog post of its own!

I have read so many fantastic picture books in recent years, so it’s hard to pick just one! I love anything by Oliver Jeffers. I’m so in awe of author/illustrators, and he is just fantastic in both areas. I love Stuck because it’s quirky and fun, but I have to say my personal favorite of his is Lost and Found. The friendship between the boy and the penguin is so lovely and pure. I tried to pick one, but it looks like I got away with two!


It’s so hard to choose one favorite when there are so many amazing picture books on the market today! Right now, I’m reading (and loving) The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste. What are you currently reading?

During the school year I try to read books that may interest my students. I want to be able to genuinely recommend books to kids when I’m having one-on-one reading conferences with them. Currently I am reading Katie Slivensky’s The Countdown Conspiracy. It’s about 6 kids from around the world who are chosen for the first mission to Mars. I’m only now just starting it, but I’ve loved what I’ve read so far. Kidlit is just awesome.

Thanks for interviewing me, Jenna!


Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me, Julie!

If you would like to learn more about Julie Pepper, you can find her on Facebook or on Twitter at @pepptalkin.


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KidLit Coffee Talk AND Giveaway with Christine Sromek Laforet


Thank you for joining me for another edition of KidLit Coffee Talk. Today, I’m excited to welcome debut author Christine Sromek Laforet. I first met Chris through our mutual publishing house, Clear Fork Publishing. We’ve since bonded over the fact that we are both former educators. Chris and I recently sat down and chatted over a virtual cup of coffee about her new chapter book, Being Bree: Bree and the Nametag Worries. Being Bree: Bree and the Nametag Worries was published earlier this month from Clear Fork Publishing and was illustrated by Lisa Rush.


I’ve got my usual Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Iced Coffee. What kind of coffee do you like to drink?

Good morning, Jenna. Thanks for inviting me for coffee. Don’t you just love the smell of a freshly brewed pot first thing in the morning? I certainly do. Today I’m enjoying a cup of hazelnut with a splash of milk.


That is absolutely one of my favorite smells! Tell me a little bit about yourself and your writing journey.

I taught elementary and middle school students in the Cleveland area for ten years before staying home to raise a family. But I’d say my interest in writing began years before college and kids. Back in the fifth grade, I was introduced to creative writing. I remember my teacher’s comment, “You’ll be a writer one day,” and sure enough, it happened (many, many years later, of course). I also remember typing out manuscripts and slaving over phone books in the library searching for publishing houses to mail stories to. Fast forward a few years (okay, maybe more than just a few years), when I heard about a children’s writing group at my local Barnes and Noble. I attended meetings, learned about SCBWI, and studied the craft of writing. My kids were young at the time, and it was difficult to find quiet periods throughout the days to write, but over the years, I completed a middle grade manuscript, received requests from agents for full submissions, and then collected a number of rejection letters. I didn’t give up, though. I kept writing and submitting stories until Essie White at Storm Literary Agency offered representation. She found the perfect home for my debut chapter book series, Being Bree, at Clear Fork Publishing. Becoming a published author was a life-long dream, and I’m glad to have persevered throughout the long journey.


Congratulations on accomplishing this life-long dream. Tell me about Being Bree: Bree and the Nametag Worries.

This is the first book in the Being Bree Series, and readers meet Bree, a gifted six-year-old whose imagination spins her worries out of control. It’s the start of a new school year, and Bree worries about the first day of school. Her nametag is supposed to help her make friends, but she worries about all of the bad things that could possibly happen to it. Bree takes belly breaths to calm her worries …until her nametag disappears. Now she must make friends without one.

One of the reasons I wrote this story was to raise awareness about an under-represented group in children’s literature – the gifted community. From the very first line, “If I were a noodle, what kind would I be?” I tried to capture the reader’s attention and draw him into a gifted child’s creative mind. But gifted kids aren’t just creative and smart. They can also face many challenges due to their intense emotions and difficulty connecting with peers. By creating a character who, throughout the story, recognizes when her feelings start to spin out of control, I hoped readers (who also experience anxieties) would realize when their own feelings begin to change and then use some of the calm down techniques Bree models.


What else are you working on?

I’m currently writing the third book in the Being Bree Series, and other story ideas are bouncing around in my head. But let me tell you a bit about Book 2. Bree and the Loose Tooth Worries releases early 2018. From the title, you can guess that Bree worries about losing her first tooth. But she quickly resolves those issues when she learns that the tooth fairy brought her classmate, Lauren, a bright and shiny ring. Bree wants the tooth fairy to bring her one, too, especially since she’ll need it to be in Lauren’s new club, The Girls with Bling. Bree accidentally swallows her tooth, however, and faces a new set of worries and problems. With only a few days before the club’s first official meeting, Bree decides to contact the tooth fairy and convince her to bring a shiny new ring, even though Bree doesn’t have a tooth to leave under her pillow in return. You’ll have the read the book to find out whether or not Bree’s plan works and she becomes a member of the Girls with Bling Club.


This sounds fabulous. Now let’s talk picture books. What’s one picture book you loved when you were little and a more recent one you love now?

I completely adored George and Martha by James Marshall. My mother said she read it to me a million times when I was young. As an adult, I’m still drawn to the friendship themes and enjoy the humor. There are so many wonderful picture books in circulation today —it’s hard to pick a favorite. But I really enjoy reading Mother Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins. The writing is clever and the pictures are so amusing … I even read it to my three teenagers! I can’t wait for the next book in the series.


I’m currently reading an amazing YA fantasy – Graceling by Kristin Cashore. What are you currently reading?

Right now, I’m critiquing a middle grade novel for one of my wonderfully talented writer friends. I’ve also started reading A Long Walk to Water since it’s on my daughter’s summer reading list and Linda Sue Park is presenting at the SCBWI Northern Ohio Regional Conference in September. I love chapter books, though, and Clear Fork Publishing has some pretty talented authors. I’ve started Alayne Kay Christian’s Sienna, The Cowgirl Fairy Series: Trying to Make It Rain and am totally in love with the story’s voice. The Enchanted Snow Globe Collection Series: Return to Coney Island by Melissa Stoller is next on my list. I’m also excited for the release of Emma Bland Smith’s new series, Zadie Jacobs CEO.


Thank you so much for joining me, Chris! 

If you want to learn more about Chris, you can find her at You can connect with Chris on Facebook and on Twitter at @chrislaforet1.


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KidLit Coffee Talk with Lisa Amstutz

Thank you for joining me for KidLit Coffee Talk. My guest today is the incredibly talented Lisa Amstutz. I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa last summer at the WOW Retreat in Georgia. She was an inspiring presenter, and I’ve since been a huge fan of her work. Recently, Lisa and I sat down over a virtual cup of coffee and chatted about her newest picture book, Applesauce Day. Applesauce Day was released earlier this month from Albert Whitman & Company and was illustrated by Talitha Shipman.


I’m drinking my usual Dunkin Donuts cold brew iced coffee. What kind of coffee (or tea) do you like to drink?  

I love the smell of coffee, but the taste – not so much. I’m a big tea drinker: black tea in the morning and herbal at night. There’s a local farm that grows and sells mint teas, so we drink a lot of that.


Tell me a little bit about yourself and your writing journey.

I started writing for adults about 12 years ago. I began by writing magazine and newspaper articles, then co-wrote a book on local foods that was purchased by a small trade publisher. My interest in writing a book on that topic for kids was what led me to children’s writing—and I’ve been doing it ever since! Thanks to connections I made at an SCBWI event, I started writing for the educational market in 2010, and have now written around 80 books for Capstone Press and other educational publishers. I signed with my agent in 2015. She sold Applesauce Day and another forthcoming picture book, Today We Go Birding, to Albert Whitman & Company, and we’re working on a number of other submissions.


Wow, that is impressive! Tell me about Applesauce Day.

Applesauce Day is based on a family tradition of making applesauce each year. We would buy bushels of Transparent apples in the summer and in one day, make enough sauce to last the year. It’s been fun to pass that tradition on to my own kids and create memories with them! The book celebrates this family tradition with a look back at past generations and at the future, using an old applesauce pot as a symbol of that continuity.


What are you working on now?

Nothing I can share publicly right now, but I have several picture book biographies, a few more lyrical pieces, and a middle-grade work-for-hire project in progress right now.


I can’t wait to hear more about these projects. Can you give me the name of a picture book you loved when you were little and a recent one you love now?

One of my childhood favorites was Ezra Jack Keats’ Snowy Day. Now, wow – it’s too hard to pick just one. Owl Moon, Miss Rumphius, Goodnight Moon… the list goes on.


Those are some of my favorites, as well. Currently, I’m reading The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson. What are you reading right now?

At the moment, I am alternating between The Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library by Linda Bailey, The Curious Naturalist by Sy Montgomery, and A Distant View of Everything by Alexander McCall Smith.

Thanks for inviting me to stop by!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy writing schedule to chat with me!


To learn more about Lisa, visit her website at

Connect with Lisa on social media:

Facebook – Lisa Amstutz

Twitter – @LJAmstutz

Winner Announced!

And the winner is…


Kim Chaffee!


Congratulations, Kim!  You are the winner of a copy of Return to Coney Island and the Starbucks gift cards.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my first KidLit Coffee Talk interview.  Look for the next edition, which will go live on Monday, featuring the amazing Lisa Amstutz!

KidLit Coffee Talk and Giveaway with Melissa Stoller


Thank you for joining me for my inaugural interview on KidLit Coffee Talk!  I’m thrilled to introduce you all to the super talented Melissa Stoller.  Melissa and I first met through the 12×12 Picture Book Writing Challenge.  Now, we have become critique partners, Clear Fork Publishing sisters, and more importantly, friends.  Melissa and I sat down and chatted over coffee about her debut chapter book, Return to Coney Island.  This is the first book in The Enchanted Snow Globe Collection Series, illustrated by the equally talented Callie Metler-Smith and published by Clear Fork Publishing.


I’m drinking my usual Dunkin Donuts cold brew iced coffee.  What kind of coffee (or tea) are you drinking right now?  

First, thanks so much Jenna for hosting me on your blog! I love your blog title and I’m honored to be a featured guest, as well as to call you my friend, critique pal, and Spork Sister!

I also love coffee and tea. I only drink decaf, but I love a warm drink in the cooler months or a huge iced drink all summer! My friends are used to seeing me walk around New York City with a large decaf non-fat cappuccino. I also love chai tea with almond milk, and mint tea after dinner.


Tell me a little bit about yourself and your writing journey.

My writing journey can best be summed up in two words: patience and perseverance! Over the years, I have worked as a lawyer, a legal research and writing instructor, an early childhood educator, and a freelance writer. When my first child was born in 1996, I tried writing picture books, and I received drawers full of rejections! (Looking back, those early drafts weren’t publication ready at all!). I joined SCBWI way back then but after I while, I put creative writing on hold. In the meantime, I co-authored The Parent-Child Book Club: Connecting With Your Kids Through Reading (HorizonLine Publishing, 2009), and I wrote many parenting articles. So I always kept my hand in writing and editing. A few years ago, I decided to try writing for children again. I started attending more conferences, took several excellent children’s book writing courses, and joined many groups including the 12 x 12 Picture Book Writing Challenge and the Chapter Book Challenge. I also got more involved as an admin in The Debut Picture Book Study Group, as a Regional Ambassador for the Chapter Book Challenge, and as an assistant in a Children’s Book Academy class with Mira Reisberg. Also, I can’t say enough about the wonderful critique partners I am lucky to work with. I learn so much from them! Anyway, I wrote several PB drafts and got even more drawers full of rejections! And I wrote a chapter book draft. After a lot of patience and perseverance, I sent out more drafts, and one house I queried was Clear Fork Publishing. You can imagine my delight when I got a positive response from Callie Metler-Smith about my chapter book, that led to a submission of a full draft, then lots of back and forth, and then finally an OFFER! So I always tell writers to put in the work of honing their craft and also to be patient and have perseverance.


That’s so inspiring! Tell me about your latest book.

I am thrilled that my debut chapter book, The Enchanted Snow Globe Collection – Book One: Return to Coney Island, was just released! It’s the story of nine-year-old twins Emma and Simon, who think they are going to their grandmother’s house for an ordinary sleepover. Instead, they shake one of the snow globes from her collection, and are transported to Coney Island in 1928. After many adventures, including a ride on the famous Cyclone roller coaster, they encounter their great-grandparents. The twins must make sure their great-grandparents meet as they are supposed to on the Coney Island trolley . . . otherwise the twins may never be born!

My inspiration for this story is the real-life meeting of my grandparents. My grandmother Jessie always told me stories of her childhood, and I begged for her to repeat the story of how she met Jack on the trolley. In the author’s note to my book, I explain how that meeting took place, and thank my grandparents, because if they had not met, I would not have been born, and this book would not exist today!

And this book is extra special, because my publisher, Callie Metler-Smith of Clear Fork Publishing/Spork, is also the book’s illustrator! I’m so excited for everyone to see how her beautiful illustrations bring the characters to life!


I can’t wait for my copy to arrive!  What else are you working on?

I couldn’t be happier that my debut picture book, Olive’s Magic Paintbrush, will be released by CFP/Spork in March, 2018. It’s a fun story about art and creativity. And I have many other manuscripts that I am revising and polishing (and as one of my trusted critique partners, you have been such a joy to work with in that process!). I’m also working on the next book in The Enchanted Snow Globe Collection series . . . it’s called The Liberty Bell Train Ride, and it features Emma and Simon shaking another snow globe from their grandmother’s collection. This time, they travel to Philadelphia and San Francisco, to help the Liberty Bell get back on track. I can’t wait to see where else this time travel adventure series takes me!


Awesome!  Speaking of picture books, what’s one picture book you loved when you were little and a recent one you love now?

Wow, that’s a tough question because there are so many! When I was young, I loved The Little Engine That Could (looking back, I think I enjoyed the optimism it represented); Make Way for Ducklings (those little ducklings were so adorable, and who can resist sitting on their statues in Boston’s Public Garden?) and Madeline (I loved to take my three girls to the Madeline Tea at the Carlysle Hotel in NYC when they were younger).  Recently, I have been loving all the great picture book written by my Spork Sisters!


I completely agree, I love the books on Spork’s list.  As an avid reader, I love finding out what others are reading.  I’m currently reading An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir.  What are you reading right now?

I belong to two book clubs. I started the first with a few friends when our oldest children were in pre-school together – and now our kids are 21! We have been together for 17 years! My other book club is also a long-standing group at my children’s school. Over the summer, I like to read light beach books, but I have to get started on my book club books! A few great books I read recently: All the Light You Cannot See, Last Days of Night, and The Underground Railroad.

Thanks for having me here, Jenna.

Thanks so much for joining me, Melissa!

If you want to learn more about Melissa, you can find her at (and check out her blog about Stories . . . Creativity . . . and Connection at   Connect with Melissa on Facebook at Melissa Berger Stoller, on Twitter @MelissaStoller and on Instagram @Melissa_Stoller.


Now, it’s GIVEAWAY time!  

You have the chance to win a copy of Melissa’s book, Return to Coney Island!  And in keeping with the coffee theme, I’m also going to throw in some Starbucks gift cards.  To enter this giveaway, simply comment on this post and share it on Twitter.  Then, click on the Rafflecopter below.  A winner will be chosen at random on Monday, August 7th.  Good luck!

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Introducing KidLit Coffee Talk

Hello to all of my friends in the KidLit world!   Starting next week, I will be launching my all new blog, KidLit Coffee Talk!  Combining my love of coffee and books, KidLit Coffee Talk will have interviews with incredibly talented children’s authors, top ten lists, reviews, and more.  The interviews will consist of different authors sitting down with me for a virtual cup of coffee and chatting about their latest work.  There may even be some guest posts by my reading-obsessed nine year old daughter.  And of course, there will be giveaways!

KidLit writers are some of the most intelligent and supportive people I know.  I’m hoping to use my blog to give back to this amazing community.  I know I wouldn’t be where I am in writing journey if it wasn’t for this group!

Look for the first installment in KidLit Coffee Talk next Monday!  And if you haven’t already subscribed to my blog, please take a minute to do so.  Thanks, and have a great day!

Where the Sidewalk Ends – Best Bookstore on the Cape

Yesterday, I had the privilege of doing a Story Time and Book Signing at my all time favorite bookstore, Where the Sidewalk Ends.  It was something I dreamed of doing when I first began my journey as a writer.  To see this dream come to fruition was something I’ll treasure forever.


Located on Main Street in Chatham, MA, Where the Sidewalk Ends has something for everyone.  There are two buildings – the main bookstore, which has everything from early readers to adult books and the Children’s Annex, which houses board books, picture books, and a variety of toys.  It is owned by a mother and daughter, and they, along with the rest of the staff, are eager to help visitors find what they’re looking for.  If they don’t have a particular book, they’re more than happy to order it.

Where the Sidewalk Ends offers a variety of special events, both on and offsite.  Wednesday mornings in July and August are designated story times, often featuring children’s authors.  Throughout the summer, the bookstore hosts Literary Luncheons with award winning adult writers at the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club in Harwich.  They also host a Young Readers’ Breakfast once a summer with a children’s author.  Last summer, my daughter and I attended this event and had the pleasure of meeting Sara Pennypacker!  Additionally, younger readers have the opportunity to take part in one of the bookstore’s Fancy Nancy Tea Parties at the Captain’s House Inn in Chatham.

When I reached out to Caitlin, one of the owners, to inquire about doing an event at the store, she was very open to the idea and happy to work with me to make it happen.  She actually remembered my family from all of our visits to the store over the past 10 summers.


If you are ever on the Cape, visit Where the Sidewalk Ends.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

To find out more info, visit the store at

Meet Pixie’s Illustrator – Kerri Lockwood-Doody

Pixie’s Adventure is now out in the world, and I couldn’t be prouder of my debut picture book.  This is truly a dream come true.   When I signed with my publisher over a year ago, I had to trust that they would find the perfect illustrator to bring my story to life.  Enter Kerri Lockwood-Doody.  Kerri has exceeded all of my expectations.  Her watercolor pencil illustrations are absolutely gorgeous.  When you open Pixie’s Adventure for the first time, I think you’ll fall in love with them as much as I have.

Kerri was kind enough to let me interview her.  Enjoy!

JG:  Tell me a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? What did you study in school?

KLD: I grew up in Boulder, Colorado and was the youngest of four children. My father was a civil engineer by trade but his heart’s longing was to express himself through art. He was pressed by us often to sketch different cartoon characters and I enjoyed his watercolor of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves that hung in my room as a child. Only after his death did we find colored pencil sketches that he did of India while he was stationed there in WWII. My mother was a retouch and color artist for a large photography studio when I was born and loved poetry. I remember a night when she got up from the dinner table to answer the phone, we heard her recite a poem and then inform the man who had called that he had a wrong number. Fortunately he had accidentally reached the one person who had that obscure poem memorized! We grew up appreciating all forms of art. My sister is a talented artist in her own right, One brother still performs with an accapella jazz group and another brother is quite well known in the fantasy art world for his book covers, illustrations and now his first authored book (The Summer Dragon, by Todd Lockwood. Proud of that guy). I was very active in all facets of art in elementary, middle and high school. I enjoyed participating in theater productions, choirs, and talent shows. Quite often I was chosen to produce the posters, bulletins, and t-shirt designs for these events. But mostly I loved music and studied voice in the one year of college I attended. My priorities changed in high school when I found a deep love for Jesus. I decided that I would pursue him first in my life and let him guide my talents. The accapella group that I was in at the time became a mission group and that took me to Florida where I met my husband to be. ( So much for pursuing a music career in Nashville, good plans are not always God’s plans.)

JG: Have you always wanted to be an illustrator?

KLD: I have always loved gifting people with original pieces of art but illustrating books was not necessarily my first career choice. Over the years I have done projects here and there for friends and I have planned out certain projects of my own that I would like to do based mostly on songs that I have written for my children. It is very rewarding.

JG: What other picture books have you illustrated?

KLD: A friend of mine asked me to illustrate a book about how she adopted her daughter from Guatemala. She wanted her to know the story as she grew up. It was a black and white sketch book. I worked as a teacher’s assistant and each child received a birthday book (one page from each classmate) with an original paper cutting illustration of something that interested that child on the cover. When my husband published his first book (The Wonk Decelerator by John Joseph Doody) with eTreasures I volunteered little sketches for the chapter headers. The editor asked me if I was interested in doing children’s books. The first two projects that I did for them, however, were more like parent/teacher handbooks. The first was 31 Fun Ways to Increase Your Child’s Attention Span and the second, The Handy Dandy Quick Reference Teacher Guide for Working With Children With Academic & Behavior Problems (there’s a mouthful for ya!) both by Dr. Jackie Paxton.

JG: What medium did you use for Pixie’s Adventure? Tell me about your illustration process for this book.

KLD: Years ago I told my brother about a book I wanted to do from a song I wrote for my son’s kindergarten class called the Butterfly Garden. He suggested that I use watercolor pencils. I have had them around for years and never got to that project. When Pixie came into the picture I figured it would be a good time to give them a go. I learned a lot about them. The different brands are very different in how they work. I learned years ago how to plan out a project and I prefer tracing paper to computer programs at this point. I’m old school that way. I do the preliminary sketches on tracing paper and once they are okayed I transfer them to the watercolor paper on a light table. I hope to take a class that can help me on the computer drawing programs. Until then my blood pressure prefers the old way.
Fortunately I had the perfect model for the part of Pixie and with my Sony camera and iPad I was able to get good reference pictures of her and the family members. The Internet was also extremely helpful with reference pictures for the different aspect of each picture.

JG: What is your usual/preferred medium?

KLD: I am most comfortable with pencil sketches which is why the watercolor pencils were a logical step for me. I enjoy layered paper cutting pictures and have done many as gifts. Someday I would like to try that for illustrating a children’s book.

JG: What are some of your favorite picture books?

KLD: My favorite picture books are those that I read as a child, of course. Go, Dog. Go! and all the Dr. Seuss books still rank high and the original Winnie The Pooh books by A. A. Milne with Decorations by Ernest H. Shepard are favorites. I love all of the Frances books by Russell Hoban, and anything illustrated by Maurice Sendak but my most treasured story book is The Velveteen Rabbit illustrated by Michael Greene. I’d like to have Charles Santore’s version of that as well. My favorite illustrator of children’s literature would have to be Garth Williams who illustrated the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and I almost forgot Kay Thompson’s Eloise illustrated by Hillary Knight! (Now, who could forget Eloise!) I’m afraid I’m a bit of a hoarder so I could go on and on. There are so many out that are just treasures. I just gave away about 100 of my kids old books and I have at least that many left!

JG: Thank you so much, Kerri!

If you would like to learn more about Kerri, follow her on Twitter @KerriDoody

#50PreciousWords – 2017 Edition

The lovely and talented Vivian Kirkfield has challenged us kidlit writers to write a complete story using just 50 words.  #50PreciousWords was inspired by Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham, which only contains 50 unique words!  To find out more about this fun contest, check out Vivian’s website and follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #50PreciousWords.  My entry was inspired by my love of sweets.  I hope you like it!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 

They’re here! They’re finally here!

I think I’ll have a few.


Chocolaty, minty goodness.

Maybe just one more.


Caramel and coconut perfection.

Oh, that’s not enough.


Peanut buttery swirls.

I can’t stop!




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2016 Successes – Anti-Resolution Revolution

Children’s author Julie Hedlund, challenged participants of her 12 Days of Christmas for Writers series to post SUCCESSES (rather than resolutions) on our blogs this year. She believes the way New Year’s resolutions are traditionally made come from a place of negativity – what DIDN’T get done or achieved in the previous year. Instead, she suggests we set goals for the New Year that BUILD on our achievements from the previous one. I decided to participate in this Anti-Resolution Revolution! Here is a list of my SUCCESSES from 2016.

  1. I signed a contract with eTreasures Publishing for my picture book PIXIE’S ADVENTURE. Publication is set for early 2017.
  2. I completed 4 new manuscripts and am in the middle of writing 2 additional manuscripts. I made countless revisions to several manuscripts.
  3. I attended the 2016 NESCBWI Conference in April and the WOW Retreat in July. Through these conferences, I met some amazing authors, editors, and agents, and have made some wonderful friends.
  4. I joined 12×12. I’m proud to be part of such a supportive group of writers!
  5. I took Kristen Fulton’s Nonfiction Archaeology Class in October and met another group of talented writers.
  6. I joined Rate Your Story for 2017. I submitted my first manuscript this month, and I got a 3!!!
  7. While I did not sign with an agent, I had several phone calls with one who really liked my writing. I also received a rejection from another who liked my writing and encouraged me to send her other work. I call that a win!
  8. I started writing book reviews for Story Monsters Ink magazine.
  9. I was selected to be a blogger for the American Association of School Librarians blog, Knowledge Quest. To date, I’ve published six posts for KQ!
  10. I was asked by the principal of my children’s school if I would do an Author Visit once PIXIE’S ADVENTURE comes out!

As I mentioned above, I’ve connected with so many wonderful writers this year and made so many new friends. That is one of my biggest successes of the year!

Thanks for sharing my successes with me. I hope 2017 will be an even more successful writing year!