World Read Aloud Day 2018


Yesterday I participated in World Read Aloud Day for the first time as an author. My experience was nothing short of amazing! I spent time with students from Connecticut, New York, Texas, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, California, and Canada.

Reading and chatting with them reminded me why I write. There is no other feeling in the world like the one you feel when kids actually laugh at the words you wrote!

I was asked some really insightful questions (“Do you ever get frustrated when you can’t think of an idea or get stuck writing a story?”) and also some totally random ones (“What is your favorite fidget spinner?”). I loved answering each and every one.

I book talked some of my favorite picture books and middle grade novels. And the kids were excited to meet the “real” Pixie!

In short, my heart is full. It really was the Best. Day. Ever. However you chose to celebrate, I hope you had a spectacular World Read Aloud Day, as well!

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